Thursday, March 12, 2015

EDDIE GETS READY For School by David Milgrim

Title: Eddie Gets Ready
Author: David Milgrim
Publisher: Scholastic
Date: 2011

From cover to cover, this book is LOL hilarious!

Little Eddie has a number of  'To Do Lists' ready for his first day of school.  You'd think it would be the simple, everyday tasks of waking up, eating a healthy breakfast, getting dressed and picking an item to take for Show-and-Tell.  Not in Eddie's house.

Eddie's List includes: Sneak cookie, Put cookie back, Sneak brownie and Get dressed, Watch Cartoons and Drink root beer.  This kid is awesome. 

Eventually, Eddie makes it out the door and onto the school bus with a snack (Yes, a full-sized watermelon) and his underwear (I'm assuming he's not actually wearing any) in his hand.  Happy book, happy ending.

BBP (Bare Bum Pic): Partial.

The Art:  Bright, bold and cartoonish!  Compliments the humor. Excellent for prepping kids for school.

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