Thursday, June 18, 2015

PICTURES OF HOME by Colin Thompson

Title: Pictures of Home
Author: Colin Thompson
Publisher: Random House Australia
Date: 1992

A young reader will spend five minutes on every single page. This, I know, because I spent ten. With every children's quote about what 'home' means to them, Mr. Thompson created an incredible depiction of a domestic structure intertwined with nature.

Every child, at some point, plays with toys that allow them to 'set up' a scene. Whether it's a farmyard, a doll house, a city complete with street lamps and fire hydrants or a mountain scene.  As an adult reader, this brought me back to those days of my childhood.

Favorite Part of the Book: Everything, but my favorite children's quote is by Tony, 11: "My dream home would be where I live now."

The Art: The illustrations in this book are rich with earthy color and detailed enough to grab any readers imagination. Outstanding.

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