Monday, February 9, 2015


Title: Inside Outside
Author: Lizi Boyd
Publisher: Chronicle Books
Date: 2013

An absolutely, beautifully illustrated children's book.

By using strategically placed die cuts on every page, the young reader can see what's going on inside the house when the young child and his dog are playing outside and also outside of the house when he is playing inside.

This is a WPB (Wordless Picture Book). There is no vocabulary or dialogue in Inside, Outside.

With so much to see in this book, the young reader can spend ample time looking at and talking about what is going on in the story, and there is something new every time he turns the page.  There are so many types of animals, insects, pictures, posters, flowers and activities.

The Art: The colors and patterns are soft and gentle yet the lines are strong.  I have always been a fan of 'brown paper bag'  (BPB) literature as it tends to float a natural, organic feel to the physical and visual aura of the book.

My favorite part of the book is that there are two little white mice to find on every page.

And to add to all the positives, it is worth mentioning that the young child in this story is always smiling.

This is a perfect book for the quiet corner at school or as a bedtime book at home.

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