Thursday, February 12, 2015

ONCE UPON A TIME, THE END (asleep in 60 seconds) by Geoffrey Kloske

Title: Once upon a time, the End (asleep in 60 seconds)
Author: Geoffrey Kloske
Illustrator: Barry Blitt
Publisher: Altheneum Books for Young Readers; An imprint of Simon and Schuster Children's Publishing Division
Date: 2005

If this book was meant to be a quiet bedtime book with the goal to get your child to sleep in 60 seconds - then it is a bust. Well, sort of.

It is a bust only because I'm sure every single parent who has attempted to read this book to their child before bed ended up busting out laughing way too many times to support any gentle, descending flow that eventually leads to sleepiness in children.

Now, if this book was meant to be a fun, bedtime bonding book, then I must say, this book is a masterpiece.

Once upon a time, the End is a book that boasts many stories within a story. Once upon a time there was a little person who was dealing with a father of whom did not want to read a bedtime story to his child.  It seemed that Daddy had a hard day at the office. Every story, nursery rhyme or riddle he recited was cut, razed, pulverized and annihilated into a morsel of its original form and then completed with an accusation of incompetence in regards to the child's ability to fall asleep.  Brilliant.

"Then what's your excuse?
 Go to bed." 

"The end.
 Why are you still awake?"

This book will make you and your child laugh and giggle and it just may become their favorite go-to bedtime book of all time.   

Tip: If you are reading this book to your child before they go to sleep, allow a little extra time for your child to settle down after the book is done.  Sixty seconds will not be enough time.

The Art:  Beautiful shades of beige, peach and teal with some pops of red.  Light lines and fun cartoon characters. 

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